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Florida real estate investment/ Gitta Sells

Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 2-12-20

Are you interested in investing in Florida real estate, but not sure if now is the time? There couldn't be a better time to make an investment and let me tell you why!

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iBuyer cash investors/gitta sells and associates

Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 2-5-2020

iBuyer cash investors promise a cash offer for your home and a quick closing. Let's take a look at the fine print and why selling your home the traditional way could mean a higher profit and a just as fast closing!

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Gitta Sells and Associates/Florida home shortage

Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 1-29-20

The state of Florida may have one of the healthiest economies in the nation with historically low employment rates. However, we are still experiencing a housing shortage. Why is this and how will it affect Florida's real estate market?

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