A Passion For Excellence

Why Would you want to Become a Part of a Real Estate Team?

If you have the personality qualifications for a real estate agent, the answer is very simple. Reducing the risk of failure in real estate from 85% to 20% or less.

No matter how willing you are to work in residential real estate, if you do not have the right personality traits, you are destined to fail and would not be hired by our team.

All of our team members do a DISC personality assessment before being considered to be on the team. Once the assessment is completed and your personality is matching our requirements ( high dominant “I” and ” high “D” ), we will begin the interview process.

So why join our team?

  • Real Estate experience is not needed, sales experience is required
  • A much higher likelihood of success
  • You can make money at a much faster pace without any investment in technology tools, marketing, and coaching
  • Be a part of a successful rainmaker with years of experience
  • Use of the rainmaker’s experience (Gitta’s) for you to sell and list a home
  • Establish a success habit structure
  • Receive weekly coaching
  • Be held accountable
  • Receive all the tools needed to be successful
  • Admin support to help you succeed
  • Your answers are answered instantly
  • Avoid the lone wolf syndrome
  • Daily motivational huddles with the team

Real estate is tough and will consume the majority of your time. A team gives you more time to spend on what you want to do.

Having a strong work ethic is required in real estate, be it on a team or not. Being on a team will help you to apply your work ethics in the right area.

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