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How to Receive Multiple Offers on Your Home

Greater Seminole County Real Estate Report 6-24-20: Check out these tips for receiving multiple offers when putting your home on the market!

Tips for Receiving Multiple Offers When Selling Your Home

tips-for-multiple-offers-on-your-home-gitta-sellsA multiple offer situation occurs when a seller receives two or more offers from interested buyers in their home. This is advantageous for the seller of the property because multiple offers often drive the price of the home upwards. A potential bidding war may mean that you end up selling for higher than the asking price! I would like to share tips with you that will increase your chances of receiving more than one offer on your home.

Strong Seller’s Market

Putting your home on the market at a time when there is a strong seller’s market will increase the chances that you receive multiple offers. Here in Florida, we are experiencing a strong seller’s market right now. Homes that are on the market at the right price, clean, well-maintained, and updated are highly sought after by buyers.

Create a Demand for Your Home

This means that you spread the word your property is on the market before you begin showing it. You may put your home on the market early in the morning but wait until the weekend before you begin holding open houses and showings. Basically, you have given potential buyers time to become aware of your listing and increase the chances of a multiple offer situation.

Use a Realtor Who Understands the Market

Choosing the right realtor is crucial to increasing the odds that you will receive more than one offer on your home. Here at Gitta Sells, my team and I have a deep understanding of the real estate market. We work tirelessly to help you sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price possible.

My agents and I can help guide you when preparing your home to sell. As a certified stager, I offer complimentary staging of your home. Last but not least, we will guide you through every step of the selling process. Contact my team or me with any questions you may have at gittasells@gitta.com or 407-330-2181. Until next week, stay safe!


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