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Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 11-13-19

Did you know that marketing your home is just as important as putting it in the MLS? Let’s take a look at the importance of properly marketing and pricing your home for a quick sell!

Are You Chasing Your Home Price Up or Down?

marketing your home

If you think selling your home is as easy as putting it in the MLS and then hoping someone is going to buy it, then you will be disappointed. Yes, putting your home in the MLS is one step of the selling process but there are many others; one of the most important being marketing. As Realtors, we don’t sell homes, so to speak. We actually market homes using our skills, technology, tools, and contacts that result in the sale of your home.

Why is Marketing Your Home So Important?

Some Realtors are better than others at marketing. This may be because they have a better skill set, cutting edge technology, or more tools at their disposal. The better at marketing your Realtor is, the more accessible your home is to fellow Realtors which means it will get in front of more buyers. It is of the utmost importance to make sure all of the showing instructions to fellow Realtors are complete, disclosures are uploaded in the MLS and that there are professional pictures of the home.

Price is an Important Part of Marketing

The most important part of marketing anything is to price the product correctly. This is true when selling your home as well. Selling houses is not like selling cars. If a car is advertised for $25,000, you will not sell that car for $27,000 simply because there is a high demand for that particular car. If you price your home too high it will sit on the market and eventually you will chase down the price until you find a buyer. Let me show you what I mean.

For instance, if a seller markets a home for $250,000, it does not mean the seller has to accept the offer for $250,000, even if it is a cash offer. The seller is always welcome to change his mind and ask for more if there is a high demand for the home. I will always ask the buyer’s agent to give me their highest and best offer on a predetermined day by a specific time if there is a high demand for a home, and multiple offers on the table.

The Bottom Line in Marketing Your Home

It is extremely common for a home to end up selling for higher than the list price. However, it is important to understand that you can only achieve this by pricing the home correctly so that buyers actually come out to look at the home. Your home will not receive multiple offers if potential buyers do not come to see the home. Overpriced homes will very rarely get multiple offers. Instead, they up getting lower offers. Time on the market will only work against your best interest.  I am here to help you make the right decision and get your home sold for the best price possible in as short a time as possible. Please give me a call at 321-303-3349. This is Gitta! Until next time, happy home selling!



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