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Get The MOST Money From Your Seminole County Home!

Gitta explains the essential tips + tricks realtors DON’T SHARE when selling a home. This video goes over MARKETING TACTICS and how you can get the best price for your Central Florida home!

If you’re interested in marketing tactics that are crucial to ensuring that you sell your home for top dollar, well then you need to continue watching. My team and I have sold thousands of homes right here in this area.  And by pointing out these key features when selling your Seminole County home, you’ll attract more buyers and keep out buyers who are not the right fit.  Did you know that many buyers are purposefully looking for homes that belong to a school district that have high school scores?  If your home is in an area with higher school scores, that typically equates to selling at a higher price.  So, market that feature. Location, location, location is essential when pricing and selling and pricing a home.   Also, it’s important to know what homes are in higher demand.  When there is less supply of a popular home, that means the home will sell for more money and more quickly. For example, we just recently received 5 offers on a single-story home that had a 3-car garage and a pool.  Right now, it is not as typical as it was in the past to be receiving multiple offers and bidding wars.  But due to our extensive marketing of the highly desirable features of this home, we received offers $65,000 over asking with no appraisal contingency.  Why did this happen?   Low supply, high demand, extensive marketing and expert negotiation experience. So, it’s essential when selling to know what is considered highly desirable.  The scariest thing about this home was that the seller met with multiple agents and was told to list the home One hundred and fifteen thousand dollars under what we are currently in escrow for.  It’s important to know that the agent was a discount broker. Can you imagine if the seller would have listed with them to save a few thousand dollars on commission?  It could have cost them, One hundred and fifteen thousand dollars.  Be careful who you hire, experience matters.  If you live in an area where there are major companies like Deloitte, Amazon, Disney, Verizon, or other companies in Orlando that employ a lot of people where there is a good job market that also increases the value of your home. We’ve seen major companies move into an area and significantly drive the prices up, so be sure are aware of what is planned for the area.  It’s obviously important your agent is advising you properly as well.  Also in most cases the closer you live to a big city, increases the value of the home and the further you go into the suburbs the value declines.   We’ve got many more strategies to take into consideration when selling your home, so be sure to call us so we can go over them with you.

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