Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 10-16-19

Florida relocation/housing market recovery is an illusion

Even though the housing market seems to have recovered from the 2008-2012 foreclosure crisis, things are not always as they seem! Let’s take a look at why the housing market recovery situation is an illusion and what this means for the housing market!

Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 9-25-19

Prepare for a home inspection before you put your home on the market

Are you ready to sell your home but not sure how to prepare for the all-important home inspection? Let’s take a look at why a home inspection is important to you as a seller and how you should prepare your home before-hand for an inspection!

Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 8-28-19

Greater Orlando Real Estate-home-buying

If you are looking to sell your home! Now is the time! July brought good news for the Florida real estate market! With an increase in the price of homes sold, now is the time to get the highest price possible for your home!

Quick Fixes for Lake Mary Sellers!

In this series, Gitta explains the essential tips + tricks realtors DON’T SHARE when selling a home. This video goes over passing the real estate seller test – Will your Central Florida property pass the test?