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One of the Best Cities in Central Florida to Live In

Greater Seminole County Real Estate Report 9-30-20: Charming Oviedo is one of the best cities in Central Florida to live in by making the list of America’s top 50 cities! Here’s why!

Live, Work, and Play in Oviedo

best cities in central florida to live in oviedo gitta sellsLooking for one of the best cities in Central Florida to live? When you think of Central Florida, your mind automatically drifts to the perfect vacation. Sunshine, beautiful beaches, and warm water. However, Orlando’s national attractions are also just a stone’s throw away. Even though it is the perfect spot for a getaway, central Florida is not just for vacations. It is also an amazing place to live! In fact, according to money.com, stunning Oviedo is one of the top 50 cities to live in America. Here’s why Oviedo is the perfect location for young professionals, retirees, and families.

A City with Character

Oviedo has a rich history and undeniable charm. Throughout the city, there are impressive historical homes and buildings. However, it is most known for its beautiful, beloved chickens that roam freely throughout historical downtown.

Perfect for Families

This central Florida city is a community that is perfect for raising a family. First, Oviedo is in the top-rated Seminole County School District. It ranks as the third-best school district in the state with many educational opportunities for kids of all ages. The city provides numerous well-maintained parks and recreational complexes. These facilities offer plenty of outdoor adventures for both children and adults alike to enjoy. A variety of community programs have something for everyone including festivals, shows, sports, art, etc.

Economic Opportunities

Residents find that they have plenty of career opportunities both in and near the city. Oviedo is located in what is known as Seminole Way. This is Florida’s newest-high tech corridor, home to successful industries such as digital media, simulation, and medical sciences. Of course, many residents find commuting to Orlando to work a breeze. The economy is thriving and predicted to continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Attractive Housing Market

Oviedo primarily consists of single-family homes, with many being of newer construction or recently renovated. Even better is that since the early 2000s, property values have been on the rise with no signs of slowing down.

When it comes time to find the perfect home in one of America’s best cities to live in, you need to partner with the best realtor in Central Florida. I’m here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the home buying process. Please feel free to contact me at gittasells@gitta.com or 407-330-2181. Until next week, stay safe!

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