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Preparing to Sell Your Home

Sell Your House

When preparing to sell your home, there are many things to take into consideration. As a home seller, you want to get as much as you can for your home. Where do you start? You want potential buyers to come to the house. In order to accomplish this, your home must be inviting. It must be clean, organized, and decluttered. The exterior of the house and the lawn must be well maintained. Updates, especially kitchen remodels can add increase the attractiveness of your home and quite possibly the value as well. The use of professional photography will ensure your home is represented as best it can be through pictures. Finally, pricing your home correctly is essential to attracting potential buyers. If your home is a smart home, there are extra considerations to keep in mind when selling. Below are important considerations to make when selling your home quickly and for the highest price possible.

Clean, Clean, Clean!


There is nothing less attractive to a potential buyer than a prospective property that looks unkempt. A little bit of cleaning can go a long way when it comes to selling your home. On the outside, remove all clutter from the yard. Be sure the lawn is well manicured and healthy. Curb appeal is extremely important when it comes to first impressions. The exterior of the home needs to look clean and fresh. This can be accomplished by having the exterior cleaned or even a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference. Take care to remove all clutter and clean porches, decks, and any other outdoor living space. If your home has a pool it needs to be clean and inviting. You want potential buyers to see themselves relaxing and entertaining by the pool; and not as a project. Having great curb appeal can add as much as 5% to the value of your home.


Deep clean every room in the home. Remove all clutter and as many personal belongings as possible. Storing unneeded belongings in a storage unit is an option. Not only will it make it easier when the house sells, but if packed properly will be a breeze to move to your new home. Going the extra mile to clean walls, ceilings, floors, counters, appliances, bathrooms, windows, and doors will make a huge difference. If you are still living in the home while it is on the market, it may be helpful to hire a cleaning service to come periodically to clean the home.

Update Your Home

Updating your home can go a long way when it comes to adding value and selling your home. Updating and fixing issues can also save you a lot of hassle down the road. One of the easiest ways to update your home is a fresh coat of paint. A freshly painted room can make it look clean and fresh. Be careful when choosing paint colors. Take into consideration the flooring and any other permanent fixtures in the room. There is a misconception that choosing white or beige is the way to go. However, choosing this route can make your home appear dull and boring. Choose neutral colors, but a splash of color here and there will make the home seem more personal, but not too personal. Maybe add an accent wall to liven a room up. The most common rooms to paint are the kitchen and the bathrooms.

It is advisable to fix any problems with the home before you put it on the market. Failure to do so could cause problems and delays down the road. The problems will be found out through home inspections and the buyer will want either compensation or for the problem to be taken care of. Repair any roof leaks, get rid of mold, and replace rotting wood. Be sure the plumbing in your home is up to date and in good condition. Repairing or replacing a roof has shown to bring an 80% return on investment when the home is sold.

The kitchen is a very important room in any home. Updating the kitchen is a great way to add value and appeal. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient appliances. Update countertops and the backsplash to give the kitchen a new, clean feel. With the right upgrades and renovations in the kitchen, in the right market, home sellers can recoup all of their money, if not more when it comes time to sell their home.


Finishing an unfinished basement, thereby adding additional finished square footage to your home is a great way to add both value and appeal. When it comes to this upgrade, be sure to keep functionality in mind. For instance, even though it’s more costly, it is advisable to add a bathroom, especially if a lot of time will be spent downstairs.

Energy efficiency of a home is becoming more important to home buyers. Buyers want homes that are environmentally friendly and reduce energy costs. Ensuring your home has energy efficient windows, doors, proper insulation, and appliances are important to take into consideration. Replacing outdated windows with energy efficient windows can bring upwards of an 80% return on investment when it comes time to sell the home.

Be sure to consult your budget when updating your home. You don’t want to leave a project unfinished or go over budget. Do your homework!

Stage Your House


Staging your home is extremely important in making your home the most inviting and attractive it can be. Professional Stagers know how to bring out the best in each room of your home. For instance, you want closets to feel large, countertops that seem to go on forever, cozy family rooms, and resort-like master suites. There are serious financial benefits to having your home staged. You are more likely to get a higher price for your home as well as sell your home faster as opposed to a home which has not been staged.

Professional Property Pictures

Pictures are the first thing most potential buyers will see when looking at your property. They will scroll through the pictures and description before making a decision on whether or not to actually come see your home and put in an offer. A buyer who does not take the time to physically see the home is less likely to put in an offer on your home. A home is a big purchase and the majority of buyers are not willing to buy sight unseen.

Make sure pictures are of the highest quality. Ensure that your listing agent utilizes professional photography. Pictures should be clean and crisp. They should also be useful and highlight the features of the home that are most important and desirable.

Correctly Price Your Home

Pricing your home can be tricky. A home that is priced too high could prevent potential buyers from even considering your home and a home priced too low will cause you to lose money. Work with your listing agent on the best listing price for your home. Your agent should be able to look up comparable homes in the area, take into consideration unique features of your home and suggest an appropriate listing price that will get you the highest price possible and attract home seekers.

Additional Considerations for Owners of Smarthomes


When preparing to sell your smart home, there are extra considerations to be made. Smart homes are great. The technology lends itself to a more convenient lifestyle. However, as with everything there are always pitfalls to be aware of.

The first thing you need to do is make a comprehensive list of all the devices in your home. The list will then need to be divided into two lists. The first list needs to contain devices that are fixtures, and by fixtures, we mean devices that are permanently attached to and meant to be sold with the home. The second list will contain devices which are personal property and will not be sold with the home. These two lists will be extremely important when it comes to creating the sale agreement.

The second aspect to consider when selling is a smart home is the devices that will be sold with the house. Smart home devices often contain personal data, that you will want to clear before selling. There is not a way to erase personal data from all devices at one time. You will need to check with each device’s manufacturer on how to erase personal data and secure the technology.

Taking the time to prepare your home properly before listing it on the market lays the groundwork for a smoother, more successful selling experience.

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