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Seminole County Real Estate Report 4-22-20

Why is Florida expecting to see an influx of new residents due to Coronavirus?

Could Florida See Another Wave of New Residents Move into the State?

influx-of-residents-to-FloridaThere is no doubt that the Coronavirus has drastically changed the way we live. Our jobs are more virtual and remote than they have ever been before. We cannot just go out and enjoy a delicious meal at a nice restaurant or take the kids to the closest playland. If you can find toilet tissue or paper towels in the store, then you have basically struck gold. Most importantly people have gained a whole new perspective on life. Could it be this new perspective that causes a wave of residents migrating to Florida?

Why the Sunshine State?

It is no secret that Florida is one of the top destinations for retirees and sun-seekers alike. People are drawn to Florida for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the sand between their toes and cooling off in the salty ocean water. Others enjoy pristine golf courses, fine dining, great shopping, and some of the best entertainment around. Still, others are drawn to Florida for its year-round welcoming warm weather.

Why Might Corona Cause an Influx of New Residents?

COVID-19 has allowed people to slow down, take a step back and see life in a whole new way. They are realizing just how short life is and have decided that they do not want to wait until they retire to live where they want and do what they want. They want to do it now! It is predicted that Florida will see an influx of new residents who are ready to seize the moment and take life by the horns.

Can You Still Buy Homes During Corona?

Absolutely! Real estate is deemed an essential business and for good reason. Although COVID-19 has influenced real estate processes, rest assured that at Gitta Sells, we are still here to help you with all your home buying and selling needs. Please feel free to contact me at gittasells@gitta.com or 407-330-2181. I am happy to answer any questions you might have. This is Gitta, stay safe!

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