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Greater Orlando Real Estate Report 2-12-20

Are you interested in investing in Florida real estate, but not sure if now is the time? There couldn’t be a better time to make an investment and let me tell you why!

Why is Florida Real Estate a Good Investment?

Florida real estate investment/ Gitta SellsAs we work our way through the middle of February, there is no doubt that you are by now aware of the housing shortage in Florida, especially houses at the lower end of the price range. Newer construction is on the decline as well and remodeling is on the rise. However, these two seemingly negatives are actually due to Florida’s phenomenal rate of growth. There couldn’t be a better time to invest in Florida real estate and let me tell you why.

Exceptional Job Market

Florida is known for its growing job market. Diverse employment options are abundant in the sunshine state along with competitive wages. Florida is the global headquarters for companies such as Office Depot, Publix, Tech Data, and more! According to Forbes, there was a 2.6% growth in the job market in 2019 and this growth is expected to continue during the year 2020 as well.

Massive Population Growth

The state of Florida has one of the fastest-growing populations in the nation. In fact, a local news release predicts an average of 906 new residents per day! Florida is home to national attractions, beautiful beaches, and borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. With great weather and so much to do, it comes as no surprise that Florida is and will continue to be a popular destination to live, work, and play!

High Demand for Homes

With a shortage of housing inventory and the population on the rise, there is a high demand for homes and home sales are on the rise. The increase in demand has led to a corresponding increase in prices, making real estate a valuable asset.

Florida is an attractive place to live for individuals, families, and retirees with a thriving economy and no signs of slowing down. These factors make it the perfect time to invest in Florida real estate, whether it is time to make a change for you and your family or an investment for the future. This is Gitta with Gitta Sells. My team and I are more than happy to help you with your home-buying and home-selling needs! Contact us at gittasells@gitta.com or 407-330-2181. Until next week, happy home selling and buying!

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