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Things to Do in Sanford: Ghost Tours

Greater Seminole County Real Estate Report 12-16-20: Looking for things to do in Sanford? Ghost tours are a great way to have a bit of fun and dive into Sanford’s rich history at the same time!

Things to do in Sanford: Ghost ToursCozy and quaint Sanford is one of Central Florida’s oldest cities, boasting brick-lined streets, elegant oaks, and nineteenth-century Victorian homes to prove it. Sanford has deep roots rich in history, which is evident as you stroll through its historic downtown sector. Sanford Ghost Tours is a unique way to experience downtown Sanford like never before and learn a bit about the past through past residents’ eyes.

How Sanford Ghost Tours Began

In 2011, Gary Holmes founded Sanford Ghost Tours. With a passion for learning about the town’s history, he uncovered stories of ghostly encounters from local residents. These stories tell of Sanford’s mysterious side and provide a glimpse into the lives of previous residents and what Sanford was like; how it has grown and changed over the years, and yet in other ways stayed the same. Holmes decided that he wanted to provide the same experience to residents and visitors, and thus Sanford Ghost Tours began.

What Can You Expect During Your Tour?

Led by an expert ghost tour guide, casually stroll through historic downtown, incorporated in 1877. As you walk the same streets as so many before you, the guide will present ghostly tales along with historical happenings from the people of Sanford. The tour will end at an actual haunted historic building. It is important to note that this is not a ghost hunting tour.

Each tour lasts about an hour and a half and takes place on most Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 PM. Tickets begin at $20. Book your tour here.

Please note that due to COVID-19 additional safety guidelines have been put in place to ensure your safety. Masks are required throughout the entire tour. A maximum of 12 people is allowed on a tour group, and hand sanitizer is available during the tour.

Become a Part of This Historically Rich City

Sanford Ghost Tours is an excellent way for residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history that makes Sanford one of the most highly sought after places to live in Central Florida.

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