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How to Price Your Lake Mary Home to Sell

Use these tips to price your Lake Mary Home! Using the best realtor in Lake Mary will ensure that you price your home to sell for top dollar!

Get Top Dollar for Your Home

price your lake mary home to sell gitta sells and associatesAppropriately pricing your home is important to attracting buyers, receiving offers, and selling your home for top dollar as quickly as possible. These tips will guide you on how to appropriately price your Lake Mary home.

Take into Consideration Comparable Homes

Research the sold price of comparable homes in the neighborhood, especially ones that are similar in square footage. Three months is the time-frame that you should look at. Appraisers will typically only look at homes sold within the last three months when determining the value of your home. Researching the price of similar homes will give you an idea of what homes are worth in the area. It will also indicate what buyers are willing to pay.

Attract Multiple Buyers

Once you have nailed down a price range to list your home in, it is time to decide whether you should be on the higher or lower end of this range. Pricing your home on the lower end will attract multiple buyers. This could potentially result in a bidding war, which is advantageous to you, the seller.

Price Your Lake Mary Home to Appear in Real Estate Searches

Take into account what price range your potential buyers will be searching in. Let’s say you list your home for $305,000. You may be missing out on an entire section of buyers who are setting their max price at $300,000. A savvy real estate agent will know to set the maximum price a little higher than the client’s budget with the knowledge that prices are typically negotiable. Use our Home Value Estimator to get an instant estimate on your property!

Partner with the Best Realtor in Lake Mary

Your real estate agent has a deep understanding of the housing market in Lake Mary. He or she knows what will work and can advise you on the best pricing strategy to follow. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, Gitta Sells is the best Lake Mary Realtor. We will walk you through every step of the process to ensure a great experience! Contact us today at 407-330-2181 or gittasells@gitta.com

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