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How Has Home Buyer Behavior Changed Since the Pandemic?

The pandemic has changed homebuyer behavior. Potential buyers have different needs now. These are the 5 ways that homebuyer behavior has changed.

What Is Important to Homebuyers?

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives in one way or another from our jobs, the way we shop, and school to the way we purchase homes. These are 7 ways that buyer behavior has changed over the past several months.

Move at a Faster Pace

Buyers are more apt to put an offer in on a home much quicker post-pandemic. Instead of looking at an average of 9 homes before pulling the trigger, now potential buyers are doing so after only looking at a few homes.

Fresh-Set of Priorities

How has homebuyer behavior changed Gitta SellsHomebuyers are taking a hard look at their must-have features for a new home. Home office space and larger outdoor living areas are moving higher up on the list as a result of the lifestyle changes that the pandemic has brought about. Homebuyers are also less concerned about commute times with the increase in remote work.

Increase in Demand for Second Homes

Now that many people can work from anywhere, there is more of an interest in second homes in rural areas than ever before.

Better Accommodations for Pets

With stay-at-home restrictions in place, more people than ever decided to welcome a pet into their homes. According to a survey, 43% of households are willing to purchase a home that better fits the needs of their pets, such as a big fenced in backyard.

Length of Time Homeowners Stay in the Same Home

Until the pandemic, homeowners were staying in the same home longer than ever before, an average of 10 years versus an average of 6 years. Now that homeowners have spent more time in their homes recently, they are re-evaluating whether their current home still fits the needs of their family and ready to purchase a home that fits their needs better.

Find the Home That Fits Your Needs!

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