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Advantages of Buying a House in Winter

Buying a house in Winter can be advantageous including lower prices, faster closings, less competition, easier moving, etc.

advantages of buying a house in winter Gitta SellsTradition has taught us that Spring and Summer are typically the best times of the year to purchase a home. During these two seasons, homes look their best. For this reason, there tends to be a higher number of houses on the market and more buyers pursuing them. Although the winters in Central Florida remain relatively comfortable, buying a home in Winter can be advantageous, and here’s why!

Less Competitive

There is nothing more frustrating as a home buyer than finding your dream home, only to lose out on it due to multiple offer situations. Winter tends to be the slowest time of year for real estate. This means that you are less likely to find yourself in competition with other buyers—the chances of your offer being accepted increases.

Lower Price

With fewer buyers on the market, home prices tend to be lower than during peak real estate season. Buyers often have the upper hand in negotiations and are more willing to work with those who wish to finance.

Tax Benefits

There are tax benefits to both buyers and sellers during the Winter, especially at the end of the year. For buyers, the house’s taxes for the portion of the year that the seller owned the home will be the seller’s responsibility. This means that it tends to cost you less out-of-pocket to purchase a home in the Winter.

Highly Motivated Sellers

Most people looking to sell their homes know that Spring and Summer are the ideal times to put their house on the market. Sellers who list their home during Winter often do so because of a change in life circumstances. They are highly motivated and therefore more willing to negotiate when it comes to the final price or throwing in additional items such as appliances.

Faster Closing Times

Since sellers who place their home on the Winter market are motivated by life circumstances, they often agree to faster closing times. If you need to get into a new home quickly, Winter might be the time to do it. Not to mention, more than likely, you will be able to obtain a mortgage loan faster.

More Flexibility with Movers

Moving companies also experience a slow-down during the winter months. This means that you are more likely to be able to book your first-choice moving company on the exact date you need them. As a bonus, many companies offer discounted rates during the off-season.

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