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Tips for Making a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Making a small kitchen feel better is a worthwhile investment, especially if you are looking to sell! Follow these simple tips!

making a small kitchen feel biggerIt is the hub of your home and one of the most important rooms to potential buyers. Yes, we are talking about the infamous kitchen. Almost nothing will have a buyer running for the door faster than a kitchen that feels small, cramped, and dark, no matter how great the rest of the home is. Whether you are remodeling with plans to put your home on the market or it’s just time for an update, you should always have resale value in mind. A kitchen that feels large and airy is a space that you will enjoy. As a bonus, should you decide to put your home on the market, it will be a strong selling point. Check out these tips for making a small kitchen feel bigger.

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Let’s Talk Color

Color is such a simple change that can make a big difference. White kitchens are all the rage right now. Everyone wants a clean, fresh, white kitchen. The good news is that it also happens to be the best color for making a kitchen feel larger. If you want a splash of color, bright accent colors such as yellows and greens are a great option.

Create Illusions with Patterns

The use of patterns is excellent for creating optical illusions that make a space fill larger. The use of geometric patterns on the wall or the floor will make your kitchen feel taller and longer. A word of caution; be sure not to overdo it. Incorporate too much pattern, and the space will feel cluttered and cramped.

Reflective and Transparent Elements are Your Best Friend

Creating unobstructed views will visually expand your space. To achieve this look in feel, incorporate the following elements into your kitchen:

  • Glossy countertops, paint, and cabinetry
  • Reflective stainless-steel appliances
  • Mirrors – as a wall decoration or backsplash
  • Transparent features such as lighting, chairs, and even a glass table

Let the Light In

Dark spaces naturally feel smaller. Instantly make your kitchen feel larger by introducing additional light. The best type of light is natural light. However, this is not always possible. Artificial lighting such as cabinet lighting will do the trick too.

Efficient Use of Space

Cluttered countertops make for a frustrating kitchen to work in and make the space seem extremely small. Make the space you do have more available by freeing up your counter space as much as possible with these tips:

  • Keep décor to a minimum
  • Install an overhead microwave into the cabinetry or above the range
  • Ensure all cooking utensils and tools have a home in either a drawer, pantry, or cabinet

Final Thoughts

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped. These tips are excellent for making a small kitchen feel bigger. Not only will you enjoy creating delicious meals in a comfortable space, but you will reap the benefits when it comes time to sell. Now is the time to sell and strike while the iron is hot! It is a seller’s market and Gitta Sells can help.

Gitta Sells is Lake Mary’s most trusted Realtor, and for good reason. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, she and her team are well-equipped to help you get top dollar for your home. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have at gittasells@gitta.com or 407-330-2181. Until next time, happy home selling!

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