Let Gitta Sells & Associates represent you in your new home construction purchase and we’ll sell your existing home for free!

*Sell your property for FREE– Let us represent you in your new home construction purchase and we’ll sell your existing home for FREE!

Buying a new construction home can be complicated and intimidating.  On top of the whole buying process, there are decisions to be made on everything from the home’s layout to the shape of the bathroom tiles.   Ceramic or porcelain? Brass or brushed hardware? Hardwood or carpet flooring?  It can all be overwhelming, and you may even question why you’re choosing new construction when you can buy a place where someone else has made all of the decisions already.

You’ve always dreamt of building your dream home someday, what it will look like and what it will be like to live in it.  It will be a true reflection of your taste and your personality.  A home for a growing family, perhaps.  That’s why you take it on.

Gitta Sells and Associates knows how important this is for you, and although we can’t decide between a double sink or a one-story or two-story home for you, we can make your home-buying decision a little friendlier on the wallet.  Our Maximum Buyer Incentive Program is a great way to put some extra money in your pocket that you can put towards closing costs or to add more upgrades to your dream home.

When you sign with us, we’ll give you 1% back in the form of a rebate check.  The best part?  The builder pays the commission not you!  Once you find a new construction home you’re interested in, any new construction home in Central Florida or throughout the entire state of Florida, we’ll help negotiate the Maximum Buyer Incentives being offered by the builder.

To receive this offer, however, you must be registered with Gitta Sells & Associates / Keller Williams Heritage Realty for us to get paid the commission so we can give the 1% back to you.  We’d prefer to be with you when you view the new home community, but if you do so without us, be sure to tell the site agent that Gitta Sells & Associates / Keller Williams Heritage Realty is your buyer agent prior to engaging the agent in a discussion about the homes available.  Normally, the agent asks you to register with the agent anyways. We do not have to be present when you put a deposit down on a lot or enter into a contract, but it is helpful. Be aware builder contacts favor 100% the builder!

If you’re looking to purchase a $300,000 new construction home, you’ll get a $3,000 rebate check.  For a $500,000 home, it’ll mean an extra $5,000 in your pocket to spend on closing costs or whatever else you want.  The only thing you have to do is register with us and the builder, and the 1% rebate is yours at no cost to you.

In addition, do you need to sell your existing home? Do you prefer an expert agent on your side? If you answered yes, then now is the time to take advantage of the Trade Up FREE Program. Let us represent you in your new home construction purchase and we’ll sell your existing home for FREE! Rebate on a new construction home only applies when you purchase a home through us, but not when we sell your home for FREE.

* Cash back is a sliding scale based on the purchase price of the home and the commission paid.

*Free means, we are representing you as the buyer agent of the newly built home. Only applies to listing commission, buyer commission is 3%, a $495 KW transaction fee is still to be paid. The home we are selling for free must be equal or lower in price.  Ask agent for details.

* Can not be used with any other promotions.
*New customers only.
* If you’re currently under contract with a real estate brokerage/agent to buy or sell, please disregard and pass to a friend.
*When you sell your home and buy a resale another incentive applies- Ask agent for details.

Sell your Lake Mary / Longwood / Heathrow / Sanford Home for FREE now!

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