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Quick Fixes for Lake Mary Sellers!

In this series, Gitta explains the essential tips + tricks realtors DON’T SHARE when selling a home. This video goes over passing the real estate seller test – Will your Central Florida property pass the test?


Will your home pass the test? Can you sell your home for top dollar right now?  Or, do you need to do a few things to make sure you get top dollar?  Let’s take the quiz to see if your home passes the “Sell for Top Dollar Test.” We’ve sold thousands of homes, so we know what we’re talking about. Here we go.   When you walk up to the home does it have curb appeal?  Fresh landscaping, maybe a bit of black bark, fresh flowers, plants or trees, new trim and door paint, or possibly even a new paint job? You need to hire someone who cares more about getting you top dollar than possibly hurting your feelings.

Have you done the 3 D’s: decluttered, depersonalized and deep cleaned? And I mean, real deep cleaning, baseboards, scuff marks, cleaned up the landscape, changed out old light bulbs and more.  Is your lawn lavish and green or yellow and crispy?  Yes, these things matter.  Are the walls painted a neutral color? Have you patched holes, painted the front door and trim?   Hey, brick red walls w/ mismatched paint does not quantify selling for top dollar, at least not in this market.  Do you have neutral carpets that are clean? Or are they 10 years old that have been cleaned 15 times and once it rains or people walk over them a few times, well, the truth comes out?  This isn’t going to cut it to get top dollar.  Do you have updated flooring and countertops?  Are your cabinets still the same as they were 15 years ago, or have you updated them?  Does your lot compare to the one-half acre lot that is up the street? All these things matter!

This is a big one.  The Smell Test.  Oh my gosh, I’m sure you don’t realize this, but did you know most people have a “smell to their home” yes, a smell. I know it sounds gross, but it’s true. We love pets, in fact, Pepper goes w me everywhere, and the chickens, well let’s just say, they are more than just egg layers, we consider them family.  But if I were to list my home, I’d have to Febreze like crazy. You see, Pepper had peed on my throw rugs and the chickens can poop like nobody’s business, so when I sell, I must make changes and I’d even have to pass the smell test.  What about cooking, do you cook w/ spices that you are used to,,,,,,, but if someone else came over it would smell like a fish fry.  Again, that’s a no go.  Have you truly compared your home to your competition?  I mean, everyone including me thinks that I have the best home on the block.  I mean listen, I know granny I spent 5 weeks putting in the old while tiles with brown grout.  But is this measuring up to your competition?

Is your home partially staged or fully staged w/ modern furniture to ensure it shows to the best of its ability, or is your furniture outdated and probably would look better in grandma’s house.  Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just trying to help.

When you look out the window are you looking at your neighbor showering or is there a pasture, hills or waterfront.  Yes, believe it or not, looking at your neighbor’s butt crack or hearing them yell over who gets to pick what to watch on T.V. tonight isn’t quite as desirable as having an open view.   So I challenge you, take the quiz and get a scale from 1-10 if you’re ready to put your house on the market and sell for top dollar, or if you need to make a few changes.

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