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How to Sell Your Home for the Highest Possible Price

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Selling a home at the highest price possible is, of course, every seller’s dream. Unfortunately, many sellers approach it the wrong way and get less by trying to get the most. Keep this in mind,”A buyer who does not come visit your home will never make an offer unless it is a very low offer and subject to all kinds of inspections.”  The exception to this is if the home is in a foreclosure auction etc.

10 Tips for Getting the Best Price for Your House

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1.          When listing your home on the open market, the number one objective is to attract buyers to come and look at the house. Without visually seeing the home they will not be able to intelligently decide whether or not to make an offer. If the price is too high, the likelihood buyers will come to look is drastically reduced. 

2.         Make sure your home is as appealing as possible. I know you might not want to spend a fortune on updates, but cleaning and decluttering does not cost any money and will make a huge difference in the attractiveness of the home. 

3.         The outside/curb appeal is very important because pictures are worth a thousand words. The majority of reputable agents utilize professional photography, meaning one can see every detail of what is going on. If a potential buyer isn’t impressed with the home from pictures, it is unlikely their pursuit will go any further towards the purchase of your home.

4.        When a property is clean and manicured, potential buyers passing are more intrigued to look at the inside of the home. 

5.         Stage, stage, stage your home! If the agent is not able to stage, hire a professional stager. It makes a huge difference when selling your home. Potential buyers will not find your personal belongings cluttering the house attractive. Remove the clutter and make sure the home is clean. One can understand a house that is not updated; few will understand a filthy home.

6.         Have your home inspected so problems can be corrected beforehand and there won’t be any surprises.  Polybutylene piping, I am sorry it needs to be replaced, end of story. The buyer will find out and either ask for a replacement credit or make you replace it before closing.  When a roof is shot, it is shot. If the roof is bad due to hailstorm or hurricane damage many times, the insurer will pay for most of it. Taking care of problems before selling the home will help prevent a lot of hassle in the long run. 

7.         Another important aspect to consider is additions or structural changes to the homes which are not permitted.  It depends on the severity of the issues; you might need a general contractor to pull a permit. These issues cannot and should not be ignored. They will come to light and possibly delay the closing of the home. 

8.         Make sure your agent uses a professional photographer and a professional write up. I have seen very poor pictures of million-dollar homes taken by the agent. As I stated earlier, a picture is worth a thousand words.  It is not in your best interest for your home to not look its best. 

9.         If your home is one of a kind for the area, have it appraised. Do not just take a number out of thin air. Even if you are able to find a buyer, the home might never appraise and then what? Zillow is not a good way to get your value, it can fluctuate in many ways. You need to use a professional appraiser. 

10.       Hire an experienced Realtors®. I prefer to hire an agent with 30 years of experience. In my opinion, this is better than hiring an with 5 years of experience. The price is the same. What you are hiring is the experience, the trust, and the marketing knowledge. Be sure to read the online reviews before deciding on an agent. They are important. You want the best when selling your home. 





Home selling is an art. Hiring an agent based on the fact that they gave you highest quote as to what your home will bring is not the correct way to go about deciding on an agent. The agent may have it priced so high that the home will sit on the market for a very long time. This is not the desired outcome. It might very well be that the agent just wants the listing and couldn’t care less about actually selling it. When selling your home keep the above tips in mind. They will make a huge difference in the price you receive for your home, how quickly your home sells, and how smooth the process is.  Take care, when choosing the best agent to sell your home. Remember, you want an agent with many years of experience, marketing knowledge, and know-how when it comes to the best strategy for selling your home for the best price possible!

Selling homes is an art and not a science, keep that in mind!

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How to Sell Your Home for the Highest Price Possible | Gitta Sells & Associates
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10 tips on how to sell your house for the best price possible. Staging your home, choosing the correct realtor, using professional photographers, having a professional write-up, curb appeal, and fixing any problems before the home is on the market is among the most important aspects to consider when preparing to sell your home. Gitta Sells and Associates has the experience and know how to help you sell your home for the best price possible!
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