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How to Sell Your Lake Mary Home Fast

Most sellers have two goals in mind when they place their home on the real estate market. They want to sell their home as quickly as possible and for the highest return on their investment.

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How Do I Sell My Home Fast?

You’ll want to understand the home selling process so that you can make informed decisions along the way when it comes to getting a pre-appraisal, staging your home, setting the asking price, and working through offers. Having a real estate agent on your side can help make the home selling process as stress-free as possible.

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Should I Get A Pre-Appraisal?

One you accept an offer for the sale of your home, the buyer’s lender will set up a date to have the property’s appraisal completed. You may want to have a pre-appraisal done, however, before you set the asking price for your home.

Home-AppraisalThe appraisal can let you know about opportunities that are present to increase your home’s value through upgrades or renovations. The amount the appraiser brings back gives you an accurate number that can be used to set your asking price properly based on the actual value of your property and not what you think the home is worth based on opinion and emotion.

Should I Stage My Home To Sell?

Creating an environment that is appealing and allows the buyer to see themselves living in the home is important when placing your home on the market. You want to start by creating an outside that is so amazing that people can’t wait to see what’s on the inside of your home.

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Freshen the bedding in flower beds and create colorful appeal with the use of seasonal plants and flowers. Keep outdoor décor to a minimum to lessen distractions, paint your door a bright color, and use greenery near the entrance to create a welcoming atmosphere.


We mentioned the importance of buyers seeing themselves living in the home, which means it’s important to remove all personal collections, photographs, and anything that could be controversial. Use neutral colors with pops of color on accent pieces in order to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers.

How Do I Choose A Real Estate Agent?

You’ve come to the right place in your search for information on the home selling process. We would love to help you sell your home in a timely manner.

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We are dedicated to communicating at the highest level and genuinely listening to your needs and real estate goals as you list your home for sale. We believe in the power of internet marketing with a mix of traditional strategies that are proven successful.

How Do I Set The Asking Price?

It’s extremely important that you take care when setting the asking price for your home. Set the price too high and you risk having it sit on the market with little interest but setting the asking price too low can result in a loss of money on your investment.

Property Value Factors

Start by getting a basic idea of what your home is worth using a home valuation calculator. Once you’ve got this information, contact us for a comprehensive home value report that considers recently sold homes in the area, upgrades you’ve made to your home, and the current real estate market trends.

How Should I Market My Home For Sale?

We know the important part that mobile devices and social media platforms play in the sale of homes, which is why we use online marketing methods along with traditional marketing strategies. We suggest that you begin with staging your home and having professional photographs taken so that you have the best chance of appealing to potential buyers using those images online.

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Your listing’s details play an important role in marketing, and we can help you present your home in the best light possible through this description. We’ll also use traditional methods like open houses to reach potential buyers.


During an open house, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions from buyers and their agents. You won’t need to be present for these showings because we’ll be there to represent your interests.

Should I Offer A Home Warranty?

There is a level of trust required to purchase a home that can cause some buyers to stall when it comes to making a final decision. Offering a home warranty can help provide a sense of peace when it comes to the risk involved.

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For the investment of several hundred dollars, you can offer the buyer a year’s worth of protection from the home warranty policy should something that is covered need repair or replacement. Home warranties usually cover appliances and systems within the home.

Should I Allow Different Financing Options?

The types of financing that you are open to accepting for your home may depending on your timeline goal for selling, the type of property you are selling, and whether you want to go through additional steps that may be needed should a buyer choose an alternative loan type. It’s important to understand the different type of loans available to buyers.


A conventional loan is secured through a bank, mortgage loan company, or credit union, and they require a credit check, income verification, and a down payment. Your home will go through inspections and an appraisal as part of this process.

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A VA loan is available to those who currently or previously served in the U.S. military. These loans have a lower down payment and received through private lenders and guaranteed by the government.

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An FHA loan is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Authority and received through a private lender. Your home may require additional inspections and an appraisal if this method is chosen by the buyer and accepted by you as a method of financing.

Will I Need to Negotiate Offers When Selling My Home?

We are skilled negotiators who will be with you through the entire selling process, and that includes the negotiation of any offers that require that attention. We’ll let you know when an offer is received.


Once an offer is received, you can choose to accept the offer, decline the offer, or return a counteroffer. If a counteroffer is sent back to the buyer’s agent, there is a chance that negotiations may be opened.

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Another time when negotiations may come into play is during the appraisal and inspections. If the appraisal comes back with a lower amount or an inspection shows an issue, the buyer may want to negotiate the current terms of the sale to accommodate repairs that are needed or adjustments to the price that reflect the appraisal amount.


In order to sell your home as fast as possible, you want to make sure you visit the important points made in this article as you move forward. We can help you by recommending a reputable appraiser to complete a pre-appraisal, provide you with a comprehensive home value report, and listen closely to your needs so we can help you reach your goals.

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Most sellers have two goals in mind when they place their home on the real estate market. They want to sell their home as quickly as possible and for the highest return on their investment.
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