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Staging Your Luxury Home

Gitta Urbainczyk Certified Home Stager

Selling your home can be stressful. When it comes to real estate and selling your luxury home, it’s important to work with experts and professionals who understand the ins and outs of the market and know how to get the best price for your luxury home. There are many important details that go into selling your luxury home. One of these is staging your house. Hiring a staging company to come in and prepare your luxury home to sell can be very costly. However, when listing your home with Gitta Sells & Associates, Florida real estate professionals, staging your luxury home is complimentary!

What Exactly is Staging Your Luxury Home and Why is it so Important?

When selling your house, you want it to look its best. You want each room to stand out and show its maximum potential. Staging isn’t just throwing furniture in a room and decorating a wall; it’s setting up your house to sell fast and for the best price possible. The stager must look at each room, decide how to bring out its best features; creating a desirable atmosphere. It is a true art form. When a potential buyer walks through your home, you want them to be able to see themselves and their family in your house. Whether it be cooking a gourmet meal in the kitchen, hanging out with friends and family in the living room or outside under the lanai by the pool; it needs to already feel like home.

Financial Benefits of Staging Your House

When listing your luxury home, you will certainly reap the financial benefits of staging.  For starters, your home is more likely to bring a higher selling price than a home on the real estate market that has not been staged. This is important in all market conditions, but especially in a competitive market. Secondly, staging your home can reduce the amount of time your home is on the market. In short, staging your luxury home when putting it on the real estate market is financially beneficial by selling quicker and bringing a higher sale price.

Having the correct Stager, stage your luxury home is just as important as having your home staged. This is where Gitta Urbainczyk of Gitta Sells & Associates , the premier Florida Real Estate Professionals comes in. Gitta Urbainczyk PA is a 30-year real estate veteran in Lake Mary who has just received her Home Staging Certificate. Since Gitta has been staging homes for a long time, and is a fashion designer, this is second nature to her. Gitta is also a certified luxury agent and has the guild designation with the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing. Gitta stages homes for her sign clients for free! This saves a lot of money and staging also brings a higher resale value, this is a “Win-Win”!

Staging Your Luxury Home | Gitta Sells & Associates
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Staging Your Luxury Home | Gitta Sells & Associates
Gitta Urbainczyk of Gitta Sells & Associates 30-year real estate veteran in Lake Mary, holding a home staging certificate, certified luxury home agent, guild designation with the Institute of luxury home marketing. Staging luxury home is complimentary when listing with Gitta Sells & Associates. Staging of luxury home brings higher resale value.
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