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5 Questions to Ask Your Lake Mary Realtor! | What Should You Ask Your Lake Mary Real Estate Agent?

Gitta explains 5 IMPORTANT questions to ask the next real estate agent you’re thinking of listing with!

Choosing a Lake Mary realtor can be tricky. There are very important questions you should be asking the next real estate agent in Lake Mary before you decide to list your home with them.

5 Questions to Ask A Real Estate Agent:

  1. Home many homes have you sold last year and how many have you sold since you became a Realtor? This is important because the more transactions, the more experience the agent has.
  2. Are you a full-time agent? You certainly do not want to work with a part time agent for obvious reasons. You want someone dedicated to selling your home.
  3. Do you have a team and what staff do you have? In order to give your home, the maximum attention it is next to impossible to do this the right way by yourself.
  4. What specifically do you do to market my home and how? This is important because an agent must be able to do more than put your home in the MLS. Anyone can put a home in the MLS, it requires a lot of detailed knowledge to give your home maximum exposure.
  5. Who does your housing photos and writes your property descriptions? This is important because your home needs to look fabulous and the description needs to be extraordinary. Most agents do not possess these skills. That’s why I have a professional photographer and writer.

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