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2021’s Top Home Trends: Did Your Favorite Make the List?!

What are the top home trends for 2021?! What is today’s homebuyer looking for? See for yourself if your favorite made the list.

top home trends 2021 Gitta SellsThe pandemic of 2020 made people see their homes differently. With more people working from home and stay-at-home orders in place, priorities shifted. Homeowners now have a different idea of what the essential features are. While everyone is different, let’s take a look at the top home trends of 2021, according to Florida Realtor. Did your favorites make the list?

10. A New Home Please

People are spending more time than ever before at home, meaning interest in new construction is on the rise. Buyers can customize certain features such as cabinetry, flooring, hardware, etc. After all, if you will be looking at it all the time, you better love it!

9. Make Room for Fido and Fluffy

The number of people who adopted pets increased significantly. This occurred for a couple of reasons. The first is that people found themselves home alone and craved companionship. Second, people who previously didn’t have time for a pet because of their demanding jobs suddenly found themselves working from home with plenty of time.

2021 is seeing a higher demand for houses with accommodations for pets. This may include a fenced-in yard, mudroom, spare room, etc.

8.  In-Home Gyms

Some people may not feel comfortable visiting the gym or may not be able to due to a change in job or facility closure. It was difficult for many to find suitable ways to get the exercise needed in their homes during the height of the pandemic.

Space for a dedicated home gym is high on buyers’ checklists.

7. Let’s Live Outside the Big City

Remote work has made it possible for buyers to look for homes in smaller cities without worrying about the inconvenience of long commutes.

6. Safe Technology

Cleanliness is at the top of everyone’s list. Buyers want homes that are equipped with touchless appliances, lighting, etc. They also prefer features such as self-cleaning toilets.

5. Outdoor Living Space

Having a functional outdoor space has risen in priority on many people’s lists. Covered porches, outdoor kitchens, and large fenced-in backyards are just a few of the features buyers want to see in homes they purchase.

4. A Chef’s Dream Kitchen

The inability to dine-out during the pandemic meant that many had to turn to their kitchens to enjoy their favorite meals. Many found a new passion in cooking. Others want to make sure they have the resources should they ever need them again.

State-of-the-art kitchens are trending. Homebuyers want to see updated appliances, oversized pantries for food storage, and plenty of counter space for meal prep.

3. Multi-Generational Accommodations

As a result of the pandemic, unfortunately, many faced severe financial struggles. These struggles resulted in younger people moving back in with their parents or elderly parents moving in with their children.

This has led to a rise in buyers wanting homes that can accommodate multi-generations. Highly sought-after features include a mother-in-law suite, garage apartment, or a second master suite.

2. Luxurious Amenities

Should we ever receive stay-at-home orders for long periods, homeowners want to be ready. They want luxurious amenities that offer the experience of a vacation from your home. At the top of the list are:

  • Pools and spas
  • Access to water, preferably waterfront
  • Jetted tub
  • Therapeutic rain shower

1. A Dedicated Home Office

The number one thing people found their homes lack is a dedicated home office space. People suddenly found themselves working from home in less-than-ideal situations. They were crammed in the corner of playrooms, on the living room couch, or at the already crowded dining room table, trying to work around noise and chaos.

Most buyers now prioritize a formal office as a top priority when looking for their next home to purchase.

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Were you surprised by any of the top home trends? Is your favorite on here, or did you just find a new favorite? If you’re looking to sell your home, taking note of the top 10 trends can guide you on making your home more attractive to today’s buyers.

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